The short version of my story is that I am a natural light enthusiast with a soft spot for fall weddings, the look on couples faces when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day, cloudy skies and wedding ceremonies filled with personal touches that bring tears to my eyes. I love creating a bond with my clients, and I feel that connection with my couples is so essential since I am an integral part of the precious moments that they will hold on to forever.

(hit play to watch me toss confetti like a weirdo)

The long version is that I started out in 2001 with a film camera and some black and white film, taking snapshots of friends and family, processing and printing my own film by hand. From that first day in my class in high school until my last class during my two year stint at Edinboro University, I took tons of classes and built up my film portfolio, expanding into color film and portrait work, evolving with each roll of film. Despite my love of photography, I had always figured it was just a hobby and chose to major in Art History. I never felt the same passion for any thing else and after two years, I moved back to my hometown to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life.

In 2007, I picked up my life and moved from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and got my hands on  my first digital camera. At that moment a whole new world opened up. I started attending a local art school and shut myself in the studio for two years and set my mind on fashion photography with dreams of my photographs gracing magazine covers and billboards. During my final year of college I was required to do a three month internship. I plastered ads on Craigslist and sent out mass e-mails to local photographers. And then I stumbled into a career I never knew I would have.

I shot my first wedding in 2007 and it was a fiasco. I understood all the horror stories immediately, the stories of drunk brides and feuding families leaving wedding wreckage in their wake. I shot that wedding and never looked back. So two years later when I began interning as a wedding photographer, I prepared myself for the worst. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. It was amazing. It was fast paced, challenging, and filled with some of the most pleasant people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. No bridezillas or drunken bridal parties. I spent those three months absorbing all the knowledge I could.

So here I am, years later, still in love with wedding photography, still learning and evolving. I took an internship with the idea that it was just a stepping stone and turned it into a career I am obsessed with. I’ve been internationally published, had work hung in several gallery shows and traveled as far as St Thomas, Jamaica, Wyoming and Arizona for weddings (but if you want me to photograph your backyard wedding that sounds just as amazing to me). 

While personality is a huge factor to me, in the end what really matters is my work. I want you to be in love with my work, I want you to look at my images and think "That is exactly what I envision!" I show my favorite images on my website, but love sharing full wedding galleries with clients, I want people to have an accurate idea of what kind of images I will be providing them with. I’m always willing to travel for my clients and I like to meet my couples (either face to face or over Skype) to make sure we click and have the same expectations before they put down a dime or sign anything. I want them to be comfortable with their choice and to walk out of our meeting feeling confident that I am the right photographer for their day. 

After five years together, in March 2016 I married my awesome husband in an intimate ceremony in my old studio space. We live in Pittsburgh with our funny farm of animals (four cats and two dogs) and I love every minute of it. Being on the other side of weddings gave me a whole new perspective and changed how I run my business. I bordered on bridezilla due to stress and ended up pretty much eloping. Due to the craziness I realized what was important about weddings and what was silly. I fell in love with pretty wedding albums and the sweet emotions of a wedding day, along with all of the elements that require a lot of vision and hard work. I carry those lessons with me to every wedding. And you'll often catch me crying at the cute parts of the day since being married has made me a total sap.

So, if that all sounds like what you're looking for and you think I’m the photographer for you, I book up for the year pretty quickly, so message me via the contact tab ASAP! Need something you're not sure I provide? Ask! I am always open to shoot something new.