On the form, include the type of service you're looking to book me for (wedding, portrait, maternity, engagement, etc), the date you would like to book for, along with any details you feel are relevant. Looking for some vendor recommendations? Check out a list of my favorites HERE.

In addition, sample boudoir sessions along with full wedding samples are available by request.

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Date of Event
Incredibly helpful in determining if I'll be available to work with you, if date is unknown, aim for a general date and add a note in the message section.
I offer many different photography services, so specifying what you're interested in helps me be more prepared when I contact you.
Tell me a little about what you're looking for, why you chose to contact me, or any questions you might have.
Wedding Inquiries Only
Weddings are my bread and butter. To streamline the process, I like to have as much info as possible when I reply to you.
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Partner's Name
Both sides, minus the couple.
I do have preferred venues and venues I do not work at, so to make sure you aren't missing out on a discount (or I'm not wasting your time), this info helps!