Frequently Asked Questions

A bunch of frequently asked questions from past clients, and information about the process and behind the scenes action that goes on at Dawn Derbyshire Photography


Q: We’re into your style but someone more traditional in our family is worried about photos. How do we make them see what we do?

A: I am all about the art, but while I’d love for my day to be nothing but fun, I do take those family shots that the more conservative types love. I will always try to talk my clients into altar shots because even though they’re the most “blah” part of the day, they’ll make Grandma super happy.

Q: The package are hourly, what if we go over on time?

A: You have the option to extend coverage at any time. If you do it the day of I just send you an invoice after the event, images aren’t delivered until you’re all paid up.

Q: After the wedding, what’s the deal with the photos? When do we get them? How many? Edited, unedited, high res?

A: I deliver around 750 high resolution, fully edited images with printing rights within 6-8 weeks of your wedding. I don’t give or show unedited files, I don’t give every photo I take, I leave my magical editing process to the imagination.

 Q: My venue wants your insurance. You ARE insured, right?

A: OF COURSE! I often have venues request insurance certificates and it’s an easy process. I’m definitely insured because I’m not irresponsible AF when it comes to my business. #keepitlegit


Q: Why you? What sets you apart?

A: I am just as excited for your wedding as you are. Genuinely. This is my passion, my only interest, I am all weddings all the time. I want to be a great resource. Take ten years of photography experience, plus way too much caffeine, I’m a total wedding photography dynamo. I will do anything in my power to make sure you have magazine worthy, one of a kind, break the internet photos. Because you deserve something magical and unique to who you are as a couple.

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Q: We’re a little awkward in front of the camera, how can we get more comfortable before the big day?

A: This is why I always suggest an engagement session. In addition to getting some cute photos of the two of you, it’s a time when I get to see how you do in front of the camera and try to see what works and what doesn’t with posing. It’s less pressure than the actual wedding day and it’s a great way for us to get to know each other, being comfortable with me is a big part of being comfortable in front of the camera.

 Q: You’re shooting our wedding, right? Not some stranger...

A: It’s all me, I’m the head honcho, I do all of the heavy lifting. I meet couples, I shoot engagement sessions and weddings, I edit everything. One woman show, it’s crazy.

 Q: So you’re based in Pittsburgh, but our wedding is somewhere else. How does that work?

A: I am all about travel. Depending on location, travels fees can be involved. No matter what, I’ll be there. Usually for destination weddings you get a few extra perks for letting me go somewhere cool with you.

Q: So we are getting married in Pittsburgh, you know the weather issues. What if it rains?

A: I am all about a rain plan. I watch the weather more than I check my email (which is A LOT), so I take that into consideration when location scouting and between umbrellas and back up plans, I’ve got it covered


Q: We’re super private. What if we don’t want you sharing our images.

A: I am all about respecting your privacy. While I might be sad I can’t break the internet with your magical photos, I want you to be happy and safe and comfortable. I’ve been shooting weddings for ten years, I have buttloads of weddings I can share and not including your images won’t break my business, I am more than happy to keep your images off my website/social media if you prefer.

Q:  Do you have vendor recommendations for us? We are so lost on this process!

A: I am here to be a resource for my clients! I have a vetted list of vendors I love, and after you book let me know what vendors you’re looking for. I’ll send you an email with 3-5 options per vendor category of some of the best vendors in Pittsburgh!

Q: So, we’re in. How do we book?

A: Awesome! CONTACT ME. Once that happens, we set up a meeting where I’ll talk your ears off. If you’re still in, a 25% deposit is required along with a contract. After I get all of that, it’s engagement session time!