The Selfie Booth!

Fun, Easy, Eco Friendly

I am a sucker for hopping in a photobooth at every wedding. But tbh, I see those dang paper strips scattering the floor after people take a photo of them to post on insta. So when I decided to add a photobooth to my services, I wanted something fun that wasn’t so wasteful. Enter the selfie booth. I seriously spent like half an hour in this sucker, just playing. It does boomerangs, GIFs, regular photos and even cute little videos and sends them directly to your guests phones via wifi or airdrop. From there they can upload them straight to their social! Also, you get a GALLERY of all the fun media your guests create, to laugh over and use as blackmail for years to come.

Also, check my dumb face while I was playing with the Boomerang option in the Selfie Booth. Krystal from Krystal Healy Photography and I had a blast, so despite looking dumb af, I’m sharing this silly boomerang so you can see how much your guests will looooooove it.


Simple Set Up, Infinite Options.

Have a small space, a killer view, or love the idea of taking on a fun DIY? This booth is the bomb because it’s small, super portable and sets up anywhere. I roll in to your reception, set it up against a wall, in your vintage lounge, or even with a killer DIY backdrop you created, and in ten minutes it’s ready for your guests! I strive to keep things simple and easy, so while I don’t provide backdrops or props, YOU can be as extra as you want to create the selfie booth experience you dream of for your guests. This sweet little setup can be minimalistic and subtle, or a big, eye catching, fun feature at your reception.